Insurance and Risk Management


Using Technology to Mitigate and Rehabilitate Risk

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We apply the technology in such a way that it gives a real feel of the risk, as if you were on site

Delta Risk Management follows the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organisation’s capital and earnings. We assist businesses and organisations identify specific threats, assess unique vulnerabilities to determine their risk, identify ways to reduce these risks and then implement risk reduction efforts according to organisational strategy.

Elements of the Enterprise Risk Management Framework (ERMF)

The ERMF identifies the key elements of the departments approach to managing risks.

  • Our Risk Appetite
    We use our risk appetite to tell us what risks we will tolerate.
  • Our Risk Environment
    We target risks that emerge from our operating environment.
  • Assessing Risk
    We assess risk using a structured process.
  • Responding to Risk
    We regularly assess our risks, identify trends and respond to risks and opportunities for continuous improvement.
  • Reporting Risk
    We provide assurance that risk is managed, escalated, treated and mitigated.
  • Governing Risk
    We govern risk through our digital risk platform enabling clients to have a single view of risk at all organizational levels.

Experience is Everything

Delta uses experience and sophisticated technology for capturing critical data, essential for being able to understand an insurance risk. Our methodology allows us to predict key elements in risk mitigation. We apply the skill of repetition to allow data build-up over a period of time, which assists in early identification or risk deterioration. At the time of loss, we are able to replicate the site pre-loss and quantify the loss according to historical data. We give actual data, not just estimates based on visible reference

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We take your Risk Management Seriously!

The Technology

  • Multi-Rotor Drones
  • 360° VR Cameras
  • 3D LiDar and Laser Scanners
  • DSLR Still cameras
  • Gimbal Stabilised Handheld Cameras
  • Thermal Imaging sensors
  • Industry Leading Software Solutions
  • Point Cloud Modelling
  • Tethered Drones

Our Customers

Our Risk Managers have collectively serviced all sectors of the South African economy.


Delta Risk has assembled the best of the industry to address today’s risk challenges – we combine experience with skills development ensuring the transfer of institutional knowledge from our Silver Foxes to Young Upstarts. This knowledge is underpinned through our IOT platform enabling a single view of risk for our Customers.

“Team Work Builds better Business Practices”